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A non proft dog rescue in swfl – we rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome. Dedicated to saving as many unwanted and abandoned dogs possible.

I am the owner/operator. I work as a veterinary technician and in my field of work there is aways a client or person coming in/calling looking to rehome a dog they’re having issues with/unable to handle or care for properly or even people who have become homeless. They usually first reach out to vet clinics and we usually refer them elsewhere until I finally decided I could do something about it, not much , but something. I make a lifelong commitment to each and every dog that comes into my rescue, until a forever home is found they will be safe with me.

Even after a home is found no matter what we always keep in contact and will welcome back dogs under any circumstances. Since opening in 2016 we have adopted out over 100 dogs and puppies. All of our dogs are medically cared for at Choice Veterinary Services, Dr. Phillip Shaw and Dr. Brian Steely ( the clinic I work at) they have stepped up in the most amazing way possible by providing excellent care for each and every dog i bring in under any circumstance

Get Started

If sparks fly, an adoption contract will be given, and once signed you will have a new family member. All dogs are spayed / neutered before placement, and up to date on shots.

Care & Love

All dogs are temperament tested, and matched with a wonderful family in which the needs of both the dog and the family are met. Take your best friend home today.

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Adopt a Dog

After finding out personal information and the type of dog your are looking for, we will help you find your perfect match. We hope you find the one that you've been looking for!

About the Sanctuary

Small no-kill rescue and adoption organiza tion with many dogs and puppies available for foster or adoption.

Meet Your Perfect Pet

Nykol’s Rescues envisions a community in which all companion animals have loving homes and are treated with compassion and respect.


Adoption Type Ready For Love
Gender Male
Race Pitbull Terrier
Age 1 years
Color White/Gray Spots
Fun Facts Good with other dogs, cats, and children.


Adoption Type Owner Surrender
Gender Male
Race Black Mouth Cur
Age 1 years
Color Gold
Fun Facts Good with other dogs, cats, horses, and children. 55lbs


Adoption Type In Need Of A Home
Gender Female
Race Black Mouth Cur
Age 3 Years
Color Brown
Fun Facts Sweetheart! Loves people and is good with other dogs and children.

The Process of Adopting

Nykol’s Rescues is committed to achieving the highest level of care for the homeless pets in our shelters.


Pet Nutritionists


Quality & Safety





Nykol’s Rescue

Florida’s Rescue and Adoption Organization

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