About our shelter - Nykols Rescue
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About our shelter

Donate Or Adopt

From Start

One of the biggest things you can do to help out homeless dogs is to spread the word about our group; follow us on facebook  and spread the word about each animal looking for a home.


All The Way

Our volunteers work to socialize our animals, work on minor behavioral and training issues and most of all provide them with loving care.


To Finish

Through our foster homes, we assess the dogs in a home setting, allowing us to better understand the kind of home and family the dog will need.

The Crew

We are a group of animal lovers banded together to rescue dogs that are in shelters, abandoned or in pounds located throughout Florida.

Provides Love

We supply all vet care, food, toys, bedding; really anything they need while in our care. Often a foster home rather than a shelter environment helps give these animals a chance at the life they deserve!

At all times!

We rely on community donations and individuals willing to be foster care givers in order to continue our work.